IGCSE Biology (Edexcel 4BI1) single science

This is an engaging course exploring the science behind the world around us, it is easy to see the relevance of what you are learning as you spend time in nature which can be very rewarding. We start with some key Biological concepts in the first unit as we cover ‘Organisms and Life Processes’ answering questions like; what makes something alive? How do we classify living things? What makes up a living organism?

Once we understand the basics we are then able to delve into a deeper understanding of ‘Animal Physiology’ in our next unit as we look at the various organ systems present in animals and how they all work together, it is a fascinating look at the gas exchange system, digestive system, circulatory system and many others which gives students a far better understanding of their own bodies and actually generally has a positive impact on their physical and mental health as they see clear evidence about why it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle. We then look at similar concepts around plants – studying how they get their energy, how they transport molecules and coordinate responses to the changing environment as well as their reproductive cycle. Students have opportunities to dissect a flower and grow seeds themselves to see what they are learning in practice. The next unit looks at ‘Ecology and the Environment’ as we consider ecosystems and natural cycles on the Earth and how humans impact the habitats on our planet and disrupt the nitrogen and carbon cycles, we also consider how we can have a positive impact by doing things differently. My favourite unit is the ‘Variation and Selection’ unit where we dive into genetics – discovering what DNA is, how it is passed from one cell to another and from one organism to another as well as how mutations lead to adaptations and how as humans we have selectively bred organisms to have the characteristics we have deemed desirable. Finally we look at microorganisms and how we can use them to our advantage in processes such as making bread and yoghurt as well as to produce proteins such as insulin to enable people with otherwise life limiting medical conditions to thrive.

Throughout the entire course we are developing many essential skills including:
• learn about unifying patterns and themes in biology and use them in new and changing situations
• acquire knowledge and understanding of biological facts, terminology, concepts, principles and practical techniques
• apply the principles and concepts of biology, including those related to the applications of biology, to different contexts
• evaluate biological information, making judgements on the basis of this information
• recognise the importance of accurate experimental work and reporting scientific methods in biology
• select, organise and present relevant information clearly and logically using appropriate vocabulary, definitions and conventions
• prepare for more advanced courses in biology and for other courses that require knowledge of biology.
(This course does use a textbook: Pearson Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Biology Student Book: (Edexcel International GCSE) By  Philip Bradfield (Author) Steve Potter (Author) )

The exam board syllabus can be found here … https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-international-gcses/international-gcse-biology-2017.html


This is a 1 year/30 weeks course which covers all of the syllabus content as well as exam skills/exam preparation.
All tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses always:
○ cover the full exam board syllabus content
○ include weekly online tutorials (live/recorded), available 24/7 for the duration of the course
○ include a wide range of multi-media support materials
○ include a range of weekly assignments (including exam questions)
○ feature personal and detailed homework feedback (including specific advice on improvements/exam skills) on all homework submitted
○ include weekly online ‘live’ drop-in sessions for learners (just turn up to as many as you need) to discuss any topics/questions/issues
○ include a range of specifically-developed, unique and proprietary detailed supporting content that is available nowhere else
○ feature full and complete tutor support for the entire duration of the course
○ cover revision and exam skills as standard!

(Developed for completion within 1 ‘academic’ year …but … flexible and adaptable for shorter or longer timeframes)
This course has a required textbook.
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