Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry (4CH1) (Individual Science)
An interesting and engaging look at key Chemistry topics, including: principles of chemistry; inorganic chemistry; physical chemistry; organic chemistry.

This is a fascinating course where we cover a wide range of topics starting with ‘Principles of Chemistry’ – in this unit we lay a firm foundation in some essential basic concepts such as states of matter, understanding the Periodic Table, getting to grips with the types of calculations we may come across in the exams and the structure of atoms and how they form bonds with other atoms.

Once we have this foundation in place we are able to build up our understanding of the Periodic Table further by studying particular groups such as the Halogens and Alkali Metals, we can look at how some elements are more reactive than others and why, and how we can use this knowledge for purposes such as extracting metals from their ores. We also explore acids and bases in this ‘Inorganic Chemistry’ unit.

We then dive into a bit of Physical Chemistry, exploring chemical reactions further as we look at changing the rates of reaction and why some reactions give off energy and others take it in, we also study reversible reactions and equilibria in this time.

Our final unit covers the concepts of Organic Chemistry as we look at the products of crude oil, discovering the chemical composition of the various compounds, their properties and where they are used.

Throughout the entire course we are developing many essential skills including:
• learn about unifying patterns and themes in chemistry and use them in new and changing situations
• acquire knowledge and understanding of chemical facts, terminology, concepts, principles and practical techniques
• apply the principles and concepts of chemistry, including those related to the applications of chemistry, to different contexts
• evaluate chemical information, making judgements on the basis of this information
• appreciate the practical nature of chemistry, developing experimental and investigative skills based on correct and safe laboratory techniques
• prepare for more advanced courses in chemistry and for other courses that require knowledge of chemistry.
(This course does use a textbook: Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Chemistry. Student Book – Edexcel International GCSE  Author Jim Clark)

The exam board syllabus can be found here … https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/qualifications/edexcel-international-gcses/international-gcse-chemistry-2017.html

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