Other Courses

EXAM special revisions

HomeMadeEducation is pleased to offer one-off Exam and Revision ‘special sessions’ for current and ‘DIY’ students.   ‘Special Sessions’ are available to current students and independent students, interested in an extra, 2 hour revision session focused around core elements of the specification and exam technique.  Download the brochure  2019 Revision Specials.   Contact us to reserve your space here. (Spaces are limited!).

We do also offer a Past Paper marking service – just contact us to inquire.



For those students looking for something ‘hands-on’, that will give them experience and knowledge in the work world, we offer the following two courses:

Career Communications:   Suitable for students interested in communicating professionally, developing solid interview skills, mastering oral presentation skills, creating professional emails, creating a suitable on-line profile, and much more.  For young people interested in part-time, full-time or volunteer works as well as those interviewing for college, university and apprenticeships. Find out more    here.

Entrepreneurship:  Suitable for students interested in developing a business idea and taking it to market, covering all aspects of starting a business from business plans to market research. Find out more    here.


These courses are available in two formats:  Online(Pre-Recorded) and Printed&Posted, as 13 week courses.  Fees: Registration fee plus course fee of £90.  All learners are provided with a Certificate of Completion if they earn 50% or more on the weekly assignments, Merit if they earn 80% and Distinction if they earn 90%+.