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*  Take a course over 1 – 1.5 – 2 years … you can you start a HomeMadeEducation course right now and take as long as you need to complete it.  You will have access until feeling exam-ready!   Our courses are designed to be completed within one ‘educational’ year (8 months) but they are flexible and adaptable.  Most online, live courses start in either September or January, but you can jump in/change formats as you need, to suit your diary!


*  Supplement your DIY approach … with professional support, bespoke course materials, guidance, exam preparation, revision technique and grading in preparation for May/June 2020 exams


*   Reserve a place now for September 2020 start courses … most of our September start ‘online, live’ courses are fully booked weeks in advance.  We hate to disappoint, so … you can reserve a space early with only a £25 Registration Fee!

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New Course Launch (January 2020) IGCSE Environmental Management! Learners gain an understanding of the Earth’s natural systems and how people use natural resources; they then investigate the impact of human development on the environment and learn how the environment can be managed sustainably in the future, from a local as well as a global perspective. To book your space, just Contact Us!

Jan 2020