Enrolment available now!    Our flexible and interactive distance learning GCSE/IGCSE courses are unique, because they include:   full expert tutor support,  detailed personal weekly feedback,  weekly revision and exam technique activities,  materials inclusive,  online and printed course formats,  virtual classroom interaction and peer support, and much much more.    We offer courses in a variety of fascinating subjects, from IGCSE Development to GCSE Statistics, see the full details below.

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Our courses:

Coming in Sept 2020: IGCSE Geography! Through the Cambridge IGCSE Geography syllabus, learners will develop a ‘sense of place’ by looking at the world around them on a local, regional and global scale. (Contact Us to hear more)

IGCSE Environmental Management! Learners gain an understanding of the Earth’s natural systems and how people use natural resources; they then investigate the impact of human development on the environment and learn how the environment can be managed sustainably in the future, from a local as well as a global perspective. (Contact Us to hear more)

IGCSE Business Studies – EdExcel   and   Cambridge CIE:   Perfect for the want-to-be corporate tycoon or enterprising entrepreneur! This subject covers both big business and small business, spanning a range of vital and interesting business topics:  business activity and the changing environment; human resources;  accounting and finance;  marketing;  production.   Find out more here.  (A Level Business (Edexcel) is also available)

GCSE Psychology – EdExcel:   A perfect overview of the best aspects of modern day psychology, from Pavlov to Child Development! This subject covers the process of psychology and its application in today’s world, discussing key psychological questions.   From  crime to memory to child development, all of the most interesting aspects are covered. Find out more here.   (A-Level Psychology courses (Edexcel) are also available.)

GCSE Sociology –  AQA:   Want to change the world, fight injustice, end inequality?  Then sociology is for you!  This subject has students develop an understanding about society, and how sociologists study and understand its structures, processes and issues.   The course covers: society, education, class systems, poverty, families, crime, and social inequality. Find out more here. (A-Level Sociology courses (AQA) are also available.)

IGCSE Economics – EdExcel.  This subject is interesting, relevant, and is much more interesting than you might expect at first glance – a fantastic combination of Social Science and Business. This course covers why individuals, business, and Governments make the decisions that they do, when it comes to money, buying and selling. If you wonder about the answers to questions like “Does a minimum wage mean workers are actually better off?”, “Why do all petrol stations on one corner charge the same price for petrol?” or “Is Starbucks good or bad for the world’s economies?” then this course is for you!  Find out more here.

IGCSE Travel & Tourism – CIE:   A fascinating combination of leisure and tourism, geography and business.   This subject covers: understanding of the travel and tourism industry;  the business of travel and tourism products and services;  marketing tourism products and information services;  the geographical, physical, social and economic environments in which travel and tourism takes place.   Find out more here.

GCSE Statistics – AQA:  A great course for any student studying maths, psychology, sociology or the sciences – for a solid background in statistics and data!  This course helps students develop a knowledge and understanding of statistical thinking and practice and how to use statistics in the real world.   How do we develop statistics and how do we use them?  It’s actually really intriguing and covers everything from marketing to law. Find out more here.

IGCSE Development Studies – CIE:  Examining less economically developed countries, we look at the changes in society that encourage or hamper human development.  Exploring the interaction between economic, geographical, social and political processes, learners gain a greater awareness of the local, regional and national issues that affect development.   Students become more informed about their own local context, and can participate positively in the shaping of their own society.  Find out more here.


Most courses are available in 3 formats, as students often have a preferred way of learning.  This makes it easy for you to choose the format that suits you best:

  1. Online ‘live’ & interactive courses:  with weekly scheduled ‘live’ and interactive tutorials, click here to learn more On-Line Classes
  2. Online pre-recorded courses: with pre-recorded tutorials, click here to learn more On-Line Classes
  3. Printed & Posted:  with a complete printed pack with postal/online support, click here to learn more Printed Course Pack


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