Last of the Summer Mini Courses

This week, we said good-bye to the young people taking mini courses in July, and said hello to the new group taking the final set of 6-wk, small group, Summer Mini Courses!

Favourite feedback from the July group:
*Thank you so so so much for this class, I loved it more than any I’ve been to before!! I really enjoyed the teaching style and the wonderful teacher!

*I thought that this was an amazing course to take – thank you!

*Thank you so much for the lessons. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I’m certainly looking forward to starting the GCSE this September!

*I hadn’t done much psychology before and I’ve been really enjoying the fun and interesting lessons/homework throughout the course, thank you!

*Thank you Kate I have really enjoyed i wish it could carry on forever!

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Autumn Exam Update

AUTUMN 2020 EXAM NEWS Just published by Ofqual – the results of the consultation regarding the Autumn 2020 exam series. Link below. In short: a full suite of exams will be available and they will be identical in format and length and content to those that students would have taken this summer. Coursework will not be relevant. Aiming for October 2020 but still holding back on dates. We understand a timetable is ready – but not yet published.

Exams, Evidence and Coursework

Though one exam board has published its Autumn exam dates, the others haven’t yet and even January / Spring exams for 2021 may be influenced by COVID19 issues.

Our GCSE/IGCSE courses offer a wide range of assignments, assessments and papers throughout the duration of the course.  This is important because it can show progress throughout the year and create a body of ‘evidence’ that may be used in the event of ‘coursework’ being considered for final grades, again.

In addition, we have extensive experience working with, and have built positive relationships with, many exam centres across the UK to provide ‘exam evidence’ – so our learners are in the best position to earn grades in these uncertain times.  We are a DLP for Tutors and Exams, have a solid relationship with Faregos, and also with many exam centres and schools across the UK.

In these uncertain times, using this past spring’s experience to learn from, and planning ahead with ‘Plan B’ scenarios, can be some of the best approaches to help young people through exams and try to minimise the stress and anxiety that develops.


New Course Availability

We’ve added new courses to our list of Summer Mini Courses, and added details of our new AQA A-Level English Language and English Literature courses.  Through June, July and August 2020 will be adding, updating and expanding our course offerings!  Do have a browse through the relevant webpages!

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End of Term Conversations

I wanted share the final student chat at the end of our very last Live, Online Sociology session today. A group of warm, kind, accepting, young people who were a delight to spend the year with:

B: i llike how everything comes together at the end

A: wow, thats crazy that we’ve done it all

C: thank you so much for this course i loved it

A: i’ve really enjoyed everything

A: and i feel like everybody has gotten so good at explaining things

B: it’s been a great class

D: thank you, it’s been really interesting

A: i feel like everybodys really intelligrent

A: my favourite topic was education, even though it made the most sad

E: Thank you for the lesson, and thank you so much for the whole course. It’s been a pleasure learning sociology, I never would have thought it would be quite so interesting, but boy it was!

A: absolutely ‘E’

F: thank you ive really enjoyed it

D: Thank you!

B: well said ‘E’

A: you’ve been such a great teacher kate

KS: Aww thanks

A: thank so much

B: gonna miss these lessons


KS: You guys are a fab group!

G: Thank you!

D: I’m gonna miss the lessons too

B: thanks everyone

C: thank you bye

A: i loved seeing everyboys perspectives

KS: Stay safe and well!

A: *everybody’s

E: Bye and thank you again! I really appreciate all the work you’ve put in to teaching us

B: thank you very much kate, it’s been great