Exciting news – the NEW HomeMadeEducation summer/autumn Course List is now available!

From KS2 Famous Buildings&Architects, to KS3 Poetry for Publication to GCSE Astronomy, there are some exciting new courses and some regular favourites, available to book now – for August, September and beyond!

You can browse all of the courses here on the website http://www.homemadeeducation.com … or download the full course list from the top of the FAQs page.

“Oh my gosh, DD LOVED your class – like so many reviews you have provided the most enjoyable online lesson ever!”

We hope you find a delightfully unique course, to delight your young person. And when you do, don’t delay, as courses tend to fill fast.

Announcing a new summer design course … INTERIOR DESIGN – ICONIC DESIGNERS !! Due to popular demand, our art and design courses on offer are expanding …


An iconic design is ground-breaking, sets new standards in its field, and becomes a bench mark for later designs / designers. They’re ground-breaking in terms of materials, how they are engineered, they way they solve design problems or in the features/functions they offer. In this course, we look at a range of iconic designers and their designs for interiors.

This is a 4 week course, running for 4 consecutive Mondays.

Available: Online, Live – Mondays at 11am starting July 25th

You can find out more, and enrol, here: https://homemadeeducation.com/portfolio/iconic_designers/

Announcing new support for gcse/igcse maths

We’re excited to announce our new IGCSE / GCSE MATHS (SELF-LED COMPENDIUM)!

We haven’t (yet) been able to find a brilliant Maths partner, to offer you an amazing tutor-led course.  So, while we’re still on the lookout for such a special person, we’re thrilled to offer any young person enrolled on any of our tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses free access to this self-led IGCSE/GCSE Maths compilation bundle (we think of it as a ‘Maths kit and caboodle’!).

• this is a self-led compendium, providing materials for young people self-studying IGCSE/GCSE maths
• a full range of learning resources, videos, activities, quizzes and more are included, organized by topic (covering virtually all syllabuses commonly used by home educators)
• also included are a range of peer-to-peer discussion forums, where young people can share ideas, solve problems, etc. with other young people just like them … and belong to a self-led learner Maths community

Access to our IGCSE/GCSE Maths Self-led Compendium is FREE for any young person enrolled on any of our tutor-led GCSE/IGCSE courses.

So, they’ll have everything, at their fingertips, all in one convenient place.

End of SPring sessions

It’s always a strange mix of emotions when we get to the end of the year, and our ‘live’ sessions end and many of our learners are writing their GCSE, IGCSE and ALevel exams. Wishing everyone a fantastic summer and 2022 beyond, and we’ll see many of you again in September! And some of our favourite feedback, as courses have ended …

“5 courses with Kate over the past 2 year. It’s been a slight uphill journey with tutor assessed grading last year, but with Kate’s help she did fabulously. However, luckily this year has been far more straight forward. We have been so lucky with the such a range of fantastic subjects offered by Kate. DD has thoroughly enjoyed all her courses this year and has decided to continue Business and Sociology from last year, onto A Levels. I know this is only due to your enthusiasm in the subjects and excellent teaching. DD really felt this shone through in your happy, friendly personality that came through in your live lessons. We’re so happy we found HomeMadeEducation and 2 fabulous teachers to study with other the past 2 years!”

“It’s been an …. emotional morning for our DD. She’s just had the last ever English Lit lesson with the lovely Caitlin Kendall after two years of studying English language last year and English lit this year. She’s grown so much in confidence and … her love of the subject and enthusiasm must have shone through at the (A level sixth form) interview she was offered a place less than 24 hours after our visit. A massive thank you to Caitlin Kendall for your brilliant classes and enthusiasm for the subjects, DD has really enjoyed them, plus the extra literature prep course last summer and book group were brilliant. I’m sure DD will be joining in this summer with the book group after all the exams are finished mid June.”

Announcing a fabulous new course for Summer 2022 … GCSE/IGCSE Study Skills!

Due to popular demand, this stand-alone 5 week course covering a wide range of GCSE/IGCSE level study skills is now available for all young people taking, or about to take, GCSEs/IGCSEs – from “independent self-studiers” to “online course” users.

An invaluable course which covers a range of skills, techniques and approaches, so that your young person can master study skills before the academic year starts, or to brush up if they have already started on a subject! Independent study skills can be key to exam success, and many young learners will benefit from learning how to take good study notes, how to maximise the value from reading text, how to manage their time, how to revise effectively (and more!)

This course is available: Online,Live – weekly, starting Tuesday July 26th, 10:00am, running for 5 consecutive Tuesdays; Online, Flexible/Recorded – available starting Tuesday July 26th.

Find out more, and enrol, here: https://homemadeeducation.com/portfolio/study_skills/

Money management and financial understanding courses, new this spring from HomeMadeEducation!

Finance is a part of our everyday life, and having basic personal financial knowledge is one of the most important things you can do to live a healthy, happy and secure life. Understanding the fundamentals of money, budgeting, saving and debt can:
• promote good savings habits
• encourage financial responsibility
• lead to financial health and positive attitudes around money
Young people should have the benefit of financial experience and education to make good decisions with money – big or small. Our ‘Money and You’ courses are created, developed and run by a business and economics specialist, and highly experienced educator. Engaging, interesting and dynamic courses to really inspire your young person.

There are three courses to choose from: KS2 – Money and You – Fundamentals; KS3 – Money and You – Intermediate; KS4 – Money and You – Your Money and Money and the World.

(And, we’re having a “Rishi Special” sale for Spring 2022, so they’re affordable and even better value!)

Find out more, and enrol, here: https://homemadeeducation.com/portfolio/money_and_you_finance_courses_kids/

Nov IGCSE Results just in…

“Morning Kate. A got a 9! Thank you so much fir your support and the feedback from the paper you marked was so helpful. Looking forward to A starting Psychology with you.”

“Hope you are both well. I just wanted to let you know that E got her results today and she got a 9 for both English Lit and Lang. So proud of her. Thank you both for your help. “

“I did the English Language and English Literature GCSE courses with you, and I found your feedback on my assignments and your zoom lessons really helpful. I just wanted to say thank you, because today I got my results back and I got 9s in both language and literature… Also I will definitely be joining some of your online book group zoom calls soon, as I enjoyed the ones I did in summer. :))”

… Just some of the feedback from November IGCSE results, just in this past week. So proud of our learners and so pleased to be part of their learning journeys!

Hope you are all enjoying half-term! A quick FYI that all of the new/updated HomeMadeEducation course information for the rest of 2022 is now here on the website, and the new full brochure is on the FAQ page as well. Plenty of old favourites as well as exciting new courses, as well as the GCSE/ALevel draft schedule for 2022!

Hope you find a course, or two, to delight your young person.