The HomeMadeEducation Course range is now available for enrolment

There are a range of old favourites and exciting new courses available for enrolment now, including:

*English – Essay Writing, KS4 Functional Skills, IGCSE English Language, and more

*Science – IGCSE Physics, IGCSE Double Science, Introduction to Electricity, An Introduction to Astronomy and more

*Psychology/Sociology – Crime and Deviance, GCSE Psychology, GCSE Sociology and many more

*Geography/Environmental Management – Sustainable Tourism, IGCSE Environmental Management, IGCSE Geography and much more

*Business/Economics – Business A to Z, IGCSE Business, IGCSE Economics and many others

*History – GCSE History, IGCSE History, Tough Tudors and Terrible Toms, and more

*Art & Design – Inventions and Ideas, Fashion History, and more

*Travel & Tourism – IGCSE Travel and Tourism, Sustainable Tourism and others

You can browse all of the courses within the individual ‘age’ sections (primary, secondary, GCSE/IGCSE, A-Level) on the website or download the full course list at the top of the FAQ page. … providing superb value courses, fieldtrips and workshops for over 10 years! (run by a home educator, for home educators)