End of SPring sessions

It’s always a strange mix of emotions when we get to the end of the year, and our ‘live’ sessions end and many of our learners are writing their GCSE, IGCSE and ALevel exams. Wishing everyone a fantastic summer and 2022 beyond, and we’ll see many of you again in September! And some of our favourite feedback, as courses have ended …

“5 courses with Kate over the past 2 year. It’s been a slight uphill journey with tutor assessed grading last year, but with Kate’s help she did fabulously. However, luckily this year has been far more straight forward. We have been so lucky with the such a range of fantastic subjects offered by Kate. DD has thoroughly enjoyed all her courses this year and has decided to continue Business and Sociology from last year, onto A Levels. I know this is only due to your enthusiasm in the subjects and excellent teaching. DD really felt this shone through in your happy, friendly personality that came through in your live lessons. We’re so happy we found HomeMadeEducation and 2 fabulous teachers to study with other the past 2 years!”

“It’s been an …. emotional morning for our DD. She’s just had the last ever English Lit lesson with the lovely Caitlin Kendall after two years of studying English language last year and English lit this year. She’s grown so much in confidence and … her love of the subject and enthusiasm must have shone through at the (A level sixth form) interview she was offered a place less than 24 hours after our visit. A massive thank you to Caitlin Kendall for your brilliant classes and enthusiasm for the subjects, DD has really enjoyed them, plus the extra literature prep course last summer and book group were brilliant. I’m sure DD will be joining in this summer with the book group after all the exams are finished mid June.”